Getting Sacked: Brought To You By The Best Bean Bag Chairs

See this is what I love about blogging.  I go all out in developing features, securing sponsors, consulting with our team of sales persons/marketing experts/writers (synergy, dynamic, revenue stream, real dollars, other buzz words). And we come up with a  Monday feature about the best “sacks” from the weekend (don’t get too excited, Brett, we mean on-the-field-sacks).  Dynamite idea, Rob: Pair up the worlds best bean bag chairs with a sports phenomenon and BOOM! Instant blogging gold.

Then Andre Johnson decides he’s going to pull this (awesome) stunt, and here we are being bested by the unpredictable.  Two grown men going to fisticuffs and thus making for some of the best highlight material this season.  So while I would have like to lead with Big Ben getting absolutely demolished by the Bills’ defense, this will just have to do.

So anyway, at this point you’re probably asking yourself, “What are Comfy Sacks.”  Well friend, allow me to enlighten you.  As a fat blogging genius, former athlete, and amateur tofu-artist I find myself wiped at the end of these tumultuous days.  Surfing the internet for viral videos is the Lord’s work, but exhausting non-the-less.  So when a blogging colleague of mine told me he had purchases a Comfy Sack (aka an amazing high end/high quality bean bag) and it was the solution to my long days and sleepless nights I had to try one.

I’ll skip the fluff (pun intended) and get straight to the point.  I LITERALLY haven’t left this chair since it arrived, except for a short stint in Europe/the Caribbean.  Like a jack in the box it arrived compressed to the size of a small television, and then expanded to fill the FWG offices.  Where it was removed for fear of interns enjoying it to much, and taken to my home where I then slept on it for 5 days.  It’s like getting nestled in your very own cloud.  I put mine in our screening room and watching movies has never been better, or more comfortable.  Even watching the girlfriend’s shitty Rom-Com’s has been tolerable.

Possibly the most ringing endorsement for Comfy Sacks might be coming from my four-legged friend, Cooper.  A dog that doesn’t like walking on tile and will bark at blankets if they aren’t folded to her liking (and thus not suitable for dog naps).  The minute I get up for nourishment this is what I return to:comfy-sack-bean-bag-chairs It’s the holiday season, which means football, overeating, and maximizing down time.  I realize that Comfy Sacks are the official Bean Bag of Apple (and Steve Job’s Turtlenecks) but it is also the official sitting device of lazy Sunday’s, movie rooms, and FWG Headquarters.  I’m making my holiday must-buy recommendation now:  Comfy Sacks (FWG Approved!)

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