Corey’s Search For Crow


You know what the most important thing I learned from last weekend’s game between the Jets and Patriots was?

It wasn’t how important a kicker is to an NFL team. Had the Patriots had Stephen Gostowski instead of Shayne Graham, I believe that Belicheck goes for the 50 yard field goal on 4th and 13 late in the game. Instead, needing a touchdown and a field goal to tie, the Patriots went for it. A nearly eight minute drive ended with no points and effectively ended the Patriots season.

It wasn’t that Patrick Chung has carte blanche to call fake punts. Although, seriously? In a f#*@#*g playoff game? No one I have asked can remember the Patriots attempting a fake punt. Ever. So to learn that Belicheck leaves it up to a second year corner back to make these decisions is puzzling to say the least. But it’s not the most important lesson.

Neither is the fact that the Jets have the best corner backs in football.

And neither is the fact that I woke up on Monday morning to find I was living in a world where The Dirty Sanchez outplayed Tom Brady. This sole fact may prevent me from ever having children for fear of raising them in such a world. Seems like borderline child abuse.

The most important thing you ask?

There is no restaurant, store, or bodega in Manhattan that serves crow. I know because after the Jets came into Foxboro and humbled a Patriots team that many, including me, were picking to win the Super Bowl, I was looking for a big fat bowl of it.

Humbled and angry, I have spent the entire week as a sports recluse, avoiding New York newspapers and ESPN like they had Chlamydia.

It is time to move on.

There are two great games on Sunday, and as I football fan I am looking forward to them. Ok so maybe I am looking forward to watching Polamalu and the rest of the Steelers decapitate the Jets. But I am definitely ready for some football.

Check in tomorrow morning for some half assed expert analysis on Championship Weekend.

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