FWG Interview: UCONN QB Johnny McEntee


The Fat White Guy Network presents an exclusive interview with UCONN QB and Trick Shot Specialist, Johnny McEntee.

Corey: Johnny I have to know, what took longer to practice; the trick shots or the glorious awkward white man dance we get just before the four minute mark?

Johnny: The dance did take some time to master but the trick shots took literally all day.

C: Did you grow up wanting to blow people’s minds? Or did it happen by accident one day? Like how they discovered LSD and Chocolate Chip Cookies?

J: The way this has blown up is kind of an accident. We made it as a joke for around campus and for our own friends but never expected it to get like this. I never knew chocolate chip cookies were an accident.

C: Seems you aren’t the only one in the mind blowing business. Story goes that Ruth Whitman, who ran The Toll House Restaurant, ran out of baker’s chocolate one night while trying to make cookies. She improvised by chopping up a bar of semisweet chocolate, hopping the chocolate would melt throughout the cookie. The small bits held their shape and the Chocolate Chip Cookie was born.

C: With your trick shot video burning up the internet, do you feel added pressure going into next season? I mean it’s going to be hard to miss receivers isn’t it?

J: I’m just waiting for the first time I throw an incompletion at practice and the coaches yell at me and say well you can do it blindfolded.

C: With you new found fame, and place in the public eye, are you worried that you have jumped the shark on a potentially lucrative career as a traveling hustler?

J: I think this is just one week of fame and will die down very soon. The video is cool but not that cool. I probably just opened a door to more football trick shot videos and will probably get out done very soon.

C: I know I still remember all those McDonald’s commercials with Bird and Jordan trying to outdo one another in a game of horse. I see an annual competition with someone challenging you. Maybe play it live at haft time of the Super Bowl…I will get back to you on that.

C: I am sure we all have a favorite shot. Mine would be the bomb from across the arena where we can barely see you. But what is your favorite?

J: My favorite is the pool shot. Shooting pool is one of my favorite things to do and the fact we actually pulled that one off was very exciting for me.

C: What was the hardest shot to pull off?

J: The one when I hit both uprights and the crossbar all in a row. Any football player knows that one is the hardest.

C: How has the trick shot video changed you?

J: Not one bit. I just have more friends on facebook now.

C: Are you worried that girls are going to want to see trick shots on the first date now?

J: I sure hope girls don’t want to see trick shots on the first date. I would hate to hit a girl in the face when she asks me to knock a water bottle off her head.

C: So what’s next for you? Talk Show Circuits? HBO Special?

J: That’s it. Time to get back to real football.

It is refreshing to see someone get widespread recognition and shy away from the shameless self promotion, the reality TV, and soulless attempts to milk their fame for all its worth. Whether Johnny is right and this video is forgotten in a week or two, his modesty and desire to just get back to playing football make him worth remembering. He is the type of athlete those of us at The Fat White Guy Network are proud to know.

Thanks for the time Johnny. Best of luck on the field this year.

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