Password Thursday At UConn’s Best Bar

fwg-beer-bargeOne of the best parts about getting older is that I get to look back on my college days with a fond hazy memory.  Sure there were football games, stadiums full of screaming fans, and progressively better seasons, but a lot of what I remember is linked directly to what happened off the field.

As a football player, despite the images conjured up by movies like The Program (yes a FWG favorite) this wasn’t a roided out booze fest at all.  It more about shared misery; no matter how much you loved the game, or loved to play….you were still constantly sore, too tired to study effectively, and always strapped for “down time.”  The best memories I have are sitting in the locker room bullshitting before and after practice, film-room hi-jinx, and of course taking a few liberties with our female party guests (gasp!).

Anyway, before I take that turn down “back when I played…” -lane, I’d like to remind all our college readers that they still have those times at hand, and there is not better way to seize the moment than treating yourself to a night out with your buddies (or BFF-BESTIES GIRLFRIENDS!!!!111!!).

So, as always enjoy free cover and drinks, courtesy of FWG at Ted’s by using the password (in honor of the UConn QB Trickshot we sent viral).

Password is: TRICK SHOT.
Now go enjoy yourselves, ya filthy animals.

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