Down Goes Federer! Down Goes Federer!



That was Roger Federer’s record in matches where he was up two sets to none. The average person, myself included, doesn’t care about Tennis the same way they do about Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, or even Golf.

Think about it this way; If they stopped playing Tennis for 100+ days, would you even notice?

But regardless of the interest level, what Federer has done is beyond impressive. He was the Mariano Rivera of Tennis. He got you behind, and you might as well hari kari yourself and call it a day.

Until now.

It wasn’t Nadal, Djokovic, or even Andy Murray who ended Federer’s 2011 Wimbldon run. It was some French guy, with a ridiculous victory dance, who was the first to beat Federer after losing the first two sets. It was the kind of improbable moment that we love to see in sports, and no matter how beloved Federer, or Rog as he’s known to fans, may be, it is great for the game that he was beat. And beat on his favorite court, in a tournament he has owned, to boot.

Now more people will tune in, not wanting to miss the next big upset.

During the summer, especially with Football in a holding pattern, there is a shortage of meaningful sports moments. Baseball is great, but due to the long season, expecting a great moment night in and night out is unrealistic. Tennis is there for those who need a competitive sports fix.

The best part about it? It’s a short term commitment. Wimbledon will be finished before you can wash down a 4th of July hot dog with an ice cold Budweiser.

It’s definitely worth a few hours of your day, or your DVR memory, to check it out.


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