First, watch this.

Now as a UCONN fan,  it’s next to impossible to not get some seriously hard basketball wood knowing that this guy will be running up and down the court at Gampel in 2011.

But is it wrong?

Before I get into answering that complicated question, this reminds me of the 2004 Red Sox.  Years after they won that miraculous World Series, many people still ask if it is tainted by the knowledge that a handful of our players might have been on steroids.

The answer is no.  I had no idea who was or wasn’t taking steroids back then, and the Red Sox beat teams who had just as many guys who had taken, or were at least linked to, PEDs.

The fact of the matter is the Sox came back from 3-0 down to beat a great Yankee team.  There isn’t enough juice in the world’s needles to single handedly make that happen.  So while it feels slightly wrong that there may have been guys circumventing the rules on that team, I had no idea while watching it.  And no amount of disparaging information about any member of that team will erase the sheer joy I felt watching that final out being made seven years ago.

Here’s the difference with Andre Drummond coming to Storrs though.  Everyone knows, before a single shot has been taken, what it took to bring him in.  Someone, probably the hardest working guy on the team, because the 12th guy, the one with the least talent, is usually the gym rat, will have to give up a scholarship that he spent his entire life earning.

Suppose it was your brother, or a close friend, that will be the one giving up his free ride.  How would you feel about every game that the Huskies won because of Drummond?

At what point is the cost of another championship too high?

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