Tony Romo Can Suck A Bag Of Dicks

I bought into the whole, ‘Tony Romo is going to have a huge season’ thing.  He was starting the season healthy, and had arguably the best offensive weapons in football.  This was the year that he made the leap from average QB who makes above average news in the tabloids, to elite QB who carries his team to wins over good teams.

I even drafted two Cowboys in the first five rounds of my fantasy draft, something I would only normally do if they were Patriots.

Last night Romo made me look like a genius, at times.  He made a handful of great plays, and even made some throws that I doubt anyone else in the league could have made.  Then, at times, Romo made me look like a moron.

Actually, you know what? He only made himself look like a moron.  There were countless plays where his team took inexcusable penalties.  Penalties that Peyton Manning would never have allowed, including a delay of game on a third and 18.  Then there was the coup de grace.  His interception at the end of the 4th, on a throw that he shouldn’t have tried, and didn’t need to make, was straight out of the Brett Favre hand book.

Someone pointed out recently that Favre may be the most overrated QB in NFL history.  Assuming that’s true, then Romo is the next Brett Favre.  The guy is just as likely to break your heart as the other team’s, and even when everyone else does their job for sixty minutes (blocked punt aside), he can still cost you the game.  I would even go as far as saying that after last night’s debacle, you are more likely to win a Super Bowl with (trying not to throw up in my mouth) Mark Sanchez.

I wonder how Rob Ryan feels about beating his brother, only to have his team’s QB cost him a year’s worth of bragging rights.  He doesn’t seem like he would take to kindly to losing a game because of a guy who spent the first half diving away from contact like it was a big moment in a big game.

I know I wouldn’t.


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