NFL NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Time Line For The Buffalo Bills Head Coaching Position Discovered!

bills-fanEvery year, come playoff time, Jay and I call in to question why we root for the Upstate Underdogs, that is, the Buffalo Bills in “your” language.   Then they announce Chan Gailey as their head coach and I almost want to quit life immediately, a had to stop Jay from reaching for his hunting rifle.  That was until some investigative blogging (riiight)  revealed this document from the Buffalo Bills front office.  In it, we have transcripts and a time line which lead us to our current coaching climate in Buffalo:  Frosty, wibill-cowhlerth a chance of firing.  Enjoy…

Bills: Hey Bill Cowher, want to be our head coach?

Bill Cowher: NO!  (Don’t worry Bill I made the same face when I heard they asked you, how dare they?)

Bills: Hey Mike Shanahan, will you interview for the job?


Bills: Jim Harbaugh, want the job?

Jim H.: NO!

Leslie Frazier, please interview for the job?


Bills:Brian Schottenheimer, please intervi…

BS: (interrupts) NO!

Bills: Well….does you dad Marty want the job?


So give the Bills a break. What would you have done if you had to hire a coach and this is how you spent your last few weeks. Good luck Chan, I’ll give you max 3 years, 2 in Buffalo and the last in LA.


Things could be worse….

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  1. The Upstate hasn’t heard this much roaring since the decision to dam the Niagara.

  2. Don’r forget Russ Grimm told them to pound sand as well. I would have brought back Levy.


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